Moonstone, the earthy stone seals the lustrous “moonlight” | Glitz Ceylon

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Moonstone, the earthy stone seals the lustrous “moonlight” | Glitz Ceylon

Moonstone, the solidified lustrous “moonlight” on earth, wrapped with love, healing and prosperity, is highly valued by Jewelry lovers especially the royalty for centuries.

The sheen of the adularescent effect in the moonstones, abundance with unique vibrant blue shades, rainbow hues, cat’s eye effect and occasional star. 

The adularescent effect in moonstones caused due to the diffraction of light as it hits layers of albite and orthoclase, which are two interwoven members of the feldspar family. Moonstones are usually cut in a smooth-domed oval cabochon shape to maximize this shimmering moonlight effect. 


Despite being slightly fragile with a hardness of 6, this alternative June birthstone is a popular choice for jewelry receiving a design with a protective setting. It is advisable to use only mild warm, soapy water and a soft brush to care moonstone jewelry.

Meetiyagoda, Sri Lanka is blessed with exquisitely beautiful blue shade moonstones, make their way to destinations across the world (used to go by the name Ceylon Opal).  

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